Yuriy Sagaydak ~ the organizer and manager of this project ~ first familiarized himself with billiard game in the seventies at the self-made Russian billiard table in a rural club in IVANOVKA village of Volgogradskiy region, where he was born and grew up.

In the eighties being a cadet of Eisk aeronautic military college he once again met with Russian billiard this time at officers’ club.

Year 1997. 2 token billiard-tables for pool were placed on Yuriy’s initiative into the BASSET CLUB in Vetoshnyi pereulok.

Then acquaintance with Sergey Bombusov [LEAGUE OF BILLIARD-LOVERS] took place and first VALLEY CUP tournaments between Moscow clubs started up. Among the participants of these tournaments were also Vladimir Merkulov, Eugeniy Stalev, Farukh Waise, Aleksandr Vostokov, Alan Khestanov, Olga Levina, Oksana Gordelyan, Nika Novikova, Tatiana Lvova and many others.

In 2000 his love to eat “tasty, nice & healthy” proclaimed itself as Yuriy began learning cooking skills, even didn’t know that he was making his first steps towards “Own Business”.

The dream of own billiard club receives certain shape in 2004. Club MODUS VITA at Profsoyuznaya street become the original prototype of the project. [ S COMPANY Ltd ].

 Lev Yaroslavtsev (the Director of Russian Pool) shares all necessary information about billiard halls equipment.

Lena Igmand (The International Degree Umpire) provides consulting on questions of organization and conducting of tournaments.

The friend Andrey Lukashenko (that time he was an official representative of «WARSTEINER» Company) participates in concept development of cafe & bar functioning.

In December 2004 search of premises led to Osennyaya Street. In empty but warm and light semi-basement (Thank you, German!) Yuriy “hears” kicking of billiard balls.

Billiyard Club “POLYGON” opened in September 24th, 2005 and conducted its First Official Tournament «KRYLATSKOE OPEN»

In 2008 "BC POLYGON" celebrates it’s 3rd anniversary.

In October 2008 on decision of MOSCOW CONFEDERATION OF BILLIARD SPORT and «Russian Newspaper» Kremlin Billiard Tournament was conducted in the Club the Final of this [tournament finished in Kremlin].

This opportunity was put into effect thanks to all-round support from the Club’s opening days provided by CONFEDERATION OF BILLIARD SPORT [CBS].

Partnership relations with CBS and personally with Vice-President of Confederation Vitliy Mant contributed immensely to the development of "sport vector" of the Club.

The Club’s Motto is "FORTUNE " ("fortune sides with the readiest") and this is also a family credo.

DALMATINTEAM GROUP which incorporates also clothes brand dalmatinboutique is rather considered as Essential Affair for the entire family than as only business.

The Tournament Series of DALMATINBOUTIQUE performs in POLYGON in order to popularize billiard game as a noble, psychological and beauty kind of sport.

Now we can say that POLYGON managed to create an atmosphere of respect to billiard that is very important achievement.

Professionalism, mutual sympathy and pleasure form the work are the forces that unite the Club’s Team.

Our pride – are people we work with.

Our joy and success – are people who come to our Club.

Yuriy Sagaydak

Svetlana Sagaydak

Olga Sagaydak

Artem Sagaydak

Welldan Di Fortuna

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